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Felix and Fern’s is a brand new creative hub located in New Hartley, South East Northumberland.

We offer daily play sessions for children to engage in a wide variety of creative play and art and craft activities that are inspired by nature. 

Our sessions are structured around well-loved stories that have inspired children for generations.

Our sessions start with a group story. The children can then explore the many activities on offer that are inspired by nature and linked to the story.

Our sessions offer creative activities inspired by nature that allow exploring and learning about different mediums whilst letting their imaginations and creativity flow. 

We have a passion for nature, which is why our sessions focus on introducing children to the fabulous world around us.

Our team is led by qualified former early years teachers with over 25 years experience. 

We welcome children of all ages! 

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Words of Wisdom

- Maya Angelou -

“You can’t use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have.”

Felix & Fern's

Session Types

Our Creative Play Sessions

The session will begin with the story of the week. We appreciate the children will be of various ages and therefore concentration and attention spans will differ. Children are free to go and explore earlier if they are not ready to sit for the full story. Whatever the story is it will always be available during the session for you to share with your child.

The stories have been thoughtfully chosen to coincide with the seasons and special occasions and events across the year. Our aim is for children to be inspired by nature and therefore most of the stories are closely linked to nature and finding out about the world we live in.

After the story you and your child have free rein to explore the different areas of the hub and take part in the activities on offer that are linked to the story. This is time for you to enjoy learning and having fun together and adults are expected to stay with their child and be fully engaged throughout the session.

Over 7's

Not all of the resources we have available may be of interest to older children, however, we have a wide variety of art mediums and craft materials that we are sure children of any age will be keen to explore and use in their own unique ways.

Staff will be on hand to suggest activities and ways to explore and develop a wide range of skills and techniques.

Adults are expected to stay with their children and engage in the activities whilst having lots of fun together.

Words of wisdom

- Laura Jaworsk -

““Anywhere you would like to go, anything you would like to do, Creativity can take you there.” “

Book A Session

It has never been easier to book into one of our creative sessions. Simply use the guided booking system below to select your date, time, and any additional places that you’d like to reserve. 

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