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Felix and Ferns

The Creative Hub

The hub is a rich sensory environment that is inspired by nature.  It invites children to explore nature and ignites their natural instincts to be curious, inquisitive, creative, imaginative and to wonder.

It provides children with the opportunity to investigate, explore and discover, make marks and explore different media, create, invent and construct, imagine, be active, relax and be calm and to discover the awe and wonder of the natural world.

It is vital that children develop their knowledge of the natural environment and living things and to understand the need to care and respect for all aspects of the environment.

The resources and activities on offer are inspired by nature and throughout the year the sessions explore the changing seasons.

words of wisdom

- Matthew Jacobson -

“Behind every child who believes in themselves is a parent who believed first”



Each session begins with a story. Instilling a love of reading in children enriches their lives. Books provide knowledge, pleasure and inspiration.  Children who love books are rewarded with a doorway to a big wide world where anything is possible. Children have the opportunity to immerse themselves in the story they have heard through a variety of art and craft activities and small world play linked to the story.

There are resources in the hub that remain continuous. These are important to allow the children to return to familiar objects, to revisit what they have learned and be able to then progress with their ideas. 

Many of the materials available are natural materials. These are open-ended and provide endless possibilities for children to use their imaginations during play. They are also a great way for children to learn about nature and the seasons first hand.

Parents and caregivers are the first and most important educators. The hub sessions provide you with the opportunity to play side by side and most importantly have lots of fun together.

Creative Hub


Story Nook

I’ll let you into a secret, this is my favourite room in the hub. The story nook is a cosy room for children to snuggle up with their adults and share some wonderful stories and books together.

With Felix and Fern residents in there always ready to listen to a story too. The room has soft lighting and lots of sumptuous cushions to get comfy on. There is a selection of beautiful books on offer that have been carefully selected to match the seasons.

Book Exchange

As reading is our pleasure and we want it to be yours too we offer a book exchange. There is a wide variety of books available for your child to choose from and take home to enjoy.

All we ask is that you donate a book for each book you take out and that you take good care of the books.

Art & Craft Room

This is the main room in the hub. It has been thoughtfully decorated to create a calm and relaxing space with a countryside feel.

There is a wide selection of art and craft materials readily available for you to use freely, wherever your imagination takes you! There will also be activities to participate in to allow you to create pieces that are inspired by the story of the week. Most creations can be taken home.

Sensory Play

This area has homemade dough for you to explore and get creative with. There is a selection of tools and equipment to use with the dough.

There is always the option to choose what you would like to do with the dough but there will also be suggested activities you might like to try that will link to the story and/or the season.

Small World & Creative construction

In the small world area, you will find a selection of high-quality wooden toys as well plentiful natural materials.

This area allows your imagination and creativity to run wild. You can create your own worlds and interesting places. You can explore Mother Nature’s treasures and use them in your own unique ways. You can tell stories you have heard with the carefully selected props or you can tell your own stories, anything goes!

words of wisdom

- Unknown -

“Nothing teaches children more than a parent who is willing to learn”



Yes, adults have to stay with their child throughout the session. The sessions offer a fantastic opportunity to learn and have lots of fun side by side. Your child will get the most out of the session with you fully engaging in the activities with them.

Yes, more than one adult can attend the sessions, however, places are limited. You can book an additional adult place using the booking system.

Yes, children over 7 can attend the sessions. We have given the age as a guidance for the suitability of the activities on offer, however, should you feel your child would enjoy the activities we provide they are welcome to attend.

No, we do not offer food and drink but you are welcome to bring in your own drinks. We ask that for the safety of the children hot drinks are in a container with a lid, please.

Yes there is a session on a Saturday morning from 10.00 – 11.30. 

There is an adult session on a Thursday evening 6.00 – 7.30. We also host workshops for adults throughout the year. Please see our events page for details. 

We operate sessions at 09:15, 11:15, and 13.30 Tuesday to Friday with extra ‘after school’ sessions at 16:00 on a Wednesday. Saturday’s session starts at 10.00

One adult is included in the price for every paying child. You can book additional adults places at a cost of £3.00.

Yes of course, the more the merrier. 

Yes we do. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Yes, children under the age of 2 are more than welcome. all it takes is a little bit of imagination and creativity to explore the resources in ways that suit your child. 

Book A Session

It has never been easier to book into one of our creative sessions. Simply use the guided booking system below to select your date, time, and any additional places that you’d like to reserve.